Our company, which has founded in 2008, continues to operate in 500 square meters closed area induction surface hardening and manufacturing department.

Our company acting with the knowledge that induction surface hardening is a heat treatment process continues to provide 24 hours service mainly in Ankara for national industry with 1 medium frequency, 1 high frequency, two induction surface hardening machine and 1 tempering furnace.

Our manufacturing department consists of two parts as machining and non-ferrous forging line (copper, brass, aluminum, bronze etc.)

In our machining department, lock reinforcement parts are produced which can reach high strength values as a result of heat treatment.

In our non-ferrous forging line, we supply the needs of our energy sector with 300 tons of friction and 35 tons of eccentric presses.

Our Goals

- - To have a workbench to perform surface hardening process with induction of 450-500 kwa for our heat treatment department and serve especially for our Anatolian industry.

- - To continue serving to the industry of country by equipping our forging line with PLC control presses and to increase our capacity.

- - Forge ahead in the way of becoming a corporate enterprise, become a leading organization in the sector and transfer this success to the next generations.

From Past to Present

  • 2008

    Establishment in 2008 with medium frequency induction surface hardening machines
  • 2009

    Integration to system of high-frequency induction machine in 2009
  • 2013

    Commence to mass production of lock reinforcement parts.
  • 2014

    Commence to mass production of high speed train cable bearer with 300 tons of friction press and 35 tons of eccentric press.