Heat Treatment

Surface hardening workbench with 120 Kwa 10.000 Hrz medium frequency induction

Cyclinrical materials as much as 300 mm diameter and 2800 mm height size, materials such as gear, disk, etc. as much as 6.000 mm diameter can be hardened with this machine.

*In this workbench, Surface to inside depth obtaining from 1 mm to 8 mm can be provided.

- Surface hardening workbench with 50 Kwa 50.000 Hz high frequency induction

Mostly served in the automotive sector, intermediate of 2 spots is 1000mm in the mean of technical specification.

* 0.5 mm - 2 mm depths can be obtained
It includes 1000mm diameter and 1700mm height size heat treatment processes. Surface hardening with induction is a thermal shock process and in the way of metallographic, needle martensite is obtained by giving austenite warmth water suddenly to the material, in fact the requested structure is tempered martensite. Therefore, in terms of metallurgical science tempering all kinds of induction-hardened materials should be a compulsory execution. La-Berk recommends tempering the induction-hardened materials to all of its customers.

In the tempering furnace, the temperature can reach 850 C° and softening the slush pump spare parts operations are conducted here.

Post-welding detensioning processes can also be conducted with this furnace.